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The purpose of the CFC Connect Group Ministry is for Christians and others to learn biblical principles and build relationships through the sharing of the Word, prayer, teaching, fellowship, and the "Do Something Project."
  • To gain more knowledge of Christ through a discipleship program.
  • To develop relationships that will be enhanced and supported through group participation.
  • To put the principles of the Bible to work in our lives and throughout the community.
  • To help the Body of Christ grow at C.F.C. and reach people in our local neighborhoods.
  • Three Components of the Connect Group Meetings


    • Greetings
    • Start on time
    • Introductions
    • Praise and Worship
    • Praise Reports
    • Intercessions for others
    • After Meeting- prayer request emailed
    • Dropbox- input info, photo,sharing –volunteers
    • Make calls, texts, emails, praying, etc. during month

    Teaching and Sharing

    • Lesson
    • Brief review of principle taught
    • Discussion (leader monitors)
    • Break for fellowship and refreshments while discussing and sharing ideas on the “Do Something Project”

    The "Do Something Project" People in some kind of Need

    • Do something for someone
    • Relatives or friends in the Group
    • People you don't know
    • Civic organizations,neighborhoods, community, etc. drug/alcohol recovery, military/prisons letter writing, food pantries, homeless, etc
    • Planning template